Reviews for Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal / Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Criticas Reviews 2004 January-February
This first novel in the Harry Potter series covers the youngwizard's early years as an orphan, after his parents were killedby the evil Voldemort. For 11 years, Harry is forced to liveunder the neglect and mistreatment of his dull aunt and uncleuntil one day a giant delivers a mysterious letter that informsHarry of his legendary status in the world of wizards.Christopher Smith delivers a superb, excellently paced narrationin neutral Spanish, conveying a whole universe of voices andemotions in great detail. Dialogs are differentiated clearly,and each voice acquires a life of its own, so that eachcharacter becomes entertaining, original, and funny. For propernames like Harry, Smith opts for American instead of Spanishpronunciation. This will surely appeal to Latinos living in theUnites States. A few times, though, Smith pronounces otherEnglish words too quickly, and this could confuse listenersunfamiliar with the language. But overall, Smith's narration isso engaging and vivid that it will make you want to listen tothe whole book without pause. This is a superb recounting of thelegendary Harry Potter adventures that will surely enhance thereading experience of this fascinating novel. A must for allpublic libraries, children's libraries, and bookstores. [Seenews section for more about the Harry en espanol audio-Ed.]. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.