Reviews for Coraline

Criticas Reviews 2004 July-August
Gr 5-8-Coraline is an explorer at heart, so when her family moves into a new apartment she immediately starts wandering through her new home. Much to her amazement, she discovers a locked door leading to a long, dark hallway. At the end of that hallway she discovers an apartment identical to her own, furniture, toys, and even parents included. Only this set of parents is quite pale, with eyes like eerie black buttons. What begins as a typical narrative then develops into a wild, exciting adventure. The far-fetched characters and settings created by the author feed the reader's imagination. The plot's twists and turns are sure to keep the mind of a young child wandering. Additionally, Coraline's determination and courage-important qualities in an emergent adolescent-are very inspiring. Recommended for libraries and bookstores alike.-I. Mirthala Garza, Blackshear Elementary, Austin, TX Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.