Reviews for En Busca Del Azul

Criticas Reviews 2004 May-June
YA-Nora, a newly orphaned girl with a bad leg, must worry about her chances for survival when her tribe puts her on trial to determine whether she's worth keeping or should be sent to contend with the beasts in the wilderness. During her trial, the tribe's council recognizes her talent for sewing and decides to provide her with room and board in exchange for her work. While thus engaged, Nora begins to uncover many of the secrets kept by the highest members of the tribe, which causes her to question its beliefs and principles. As the story evolves, Nora realizes that there are no dangerous beasts in the wilderness, and that there is much more to the world than her tribe has led her to believe. This newfound freedom leads her to find her father and discover blue, a color never before seen by the tribe. Lowry, winner of the Newbery medal for El dador (The Giver, Everest, 1996) has done it again. En busca de azul perfectly portrays the pressures and doubts that plague young adults while also exploring the talents they may possess. Jealousy, the quest for freedom, and uncertainty are some of the biggest struggles Nora has to face. Despite fear and physical struggles, Nora manages to break all the barriers she encounters, making her a wonderful role model for young readers. Highly recommended for all libraries and bookstores.-I. Mirthala Garza, Blackshear Elementary, Austin, TX Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.