Reviews for Los Ladrones De Sombras/ The Robbers of the Shadow

Criticas Reviews 2008 February 15th
Gr 7-9-Ursu spins a web of adventure and intrigue in which Greek gods are alive and well in the present. Charlotte and her cousin, Zee, who came from England to live with her family, must battle dangerous Philonecron. Zee has come to the United States because back home his friends were getting a rare and serious disease. Now, the same is happening here. The two children discover that the god is stealing their friends' shadows to form an army to battle Hades and gain control of the Underworld. It is up to Charlotte and Zee, with the help of their English teacher, Mr. Metos, to save their friends from this evil curse. In the end, the children are reunited with their shadows and readers discover that Charlotte's cat, Mau (Mew in the English version) is Zee's grandmother reincarnated. The story has some very serious moments, but it also has plenty of silly and funny incidents that will keep readers involved. In the vein of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympian series, this book is a great addition to this new genre that incorporates the Roman and Greek mythological figures into the lives of young protagonists. Recommended for public, elementary, and middle school libraries. Copyright 2008 Reed Business Information.