Reviews for Germany

Library Media Connection Reviews 2011 January/February
There are many different festivals celebrated all over the world. This new series features twelve countries, their customs, and festivals. Each book highlights the country's location and its people. Organized by season, there is an extensive list of important festivals along with descriptions. Each title then goes into detail on select celebrations. Wonderful color photographs add to the thrilling events and bring them to life for the reader. Each title also has an activity, a craft, and an easy recipe related to one of the festivals. This is a great series for students studying different countries, with clear descriptions of the customs and festivals. My only disappointment was that more festivals were not covered in depth. Glossary. Index. Recommended. Maureen Mooney, Library Media Specialist, Caroline St. School, Saratoga Springs, New York ¬ 2011 Linworth Publishing, Inc.