Reviews for What a Beast! : A Look-it-Up Guide to the Monsters and Mutants of Mythology

Booklist Reviews 2010 March #1
Greek and Roman mythology is normally one of the easier sells for children, full of proto-superheroes, nightmarish monsters, and petty gods, but to help lure those unswayed by classicism's allure, the Mythlopedia series spices things up with sassy artwork, a pastel color scheme, and an OMG sensibility. What a Beast! is loaded with information on the inspired methods with which various nasty creatures could put an end to bothersome heroes. Aside from the heaps of information coming from all angles on just about every page, each book also contains a decent family tree, a rudimentary star chart, and lists of further reading. Will these books make a true mythology lover's skin crawl? Absolutely. But for kids unconvinced that anything so old and gray could have any bearing on their lives, these books provide a feisty if somewhat pandering guide to the many cultural references lingering from antiquity. Copyright 2010 Booklist Reviews.