Reviews for Groovy Gems

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2010 Fall
These volumes provide coverage of geologic materials and the processes that produce them. The writing alternates between textbooklike, sometimes at a conceptual level above the intended audience, and cutesy. Each book includes an activity and scientist profile. Photographs and diagrams (some repeated across volumes) give additional information. Glos., ind. [Review covers these Checkerboard Science Library: Rock On! A Look at Geology titles: Fantastic Fossils, Groovy Gems, Mighty Minerals, Outrageous Ores, Rockin' Rocks, and Super Soils.] Copyright 2010 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Library Media Connection Reviews 2010 October
Using a consistent format, these titles, part of the Checkerboard Library, are highly illustrated with color photographs, maps, and graphic drawings that enhance and effectively support the text. Topics and ideas are presented using examples and explanations so that young scientists can easily understand such difficult topics as dating fossils and identifying minerals. Each book also includes instructions for performing an experiment such as making metamorphic rocks, and extracting the iron from breakfast cereal. Readers are also exposed to various tools, such as the periodic table, geologic time scale, and maps of the world. Because each book is short, this series serves as a nice introduction to the study of geology and the specialized terms associated with this scientific field. Glossary. Websites. Table of Contents. Index. Recommended. Deana Groves, Bibliographic Access Coordinator, Western Kentucky University Libraries, Bowling Green, Kentucky ¬ 2010 Linworth Publishing, Inc.

School Library Journal Reviews 2010 April

Gr 3-5-An important moment in the history of geology or a fictional child's encounter with the world of rocks serves as a lively opener in these titles, and is followed by clear information on related science and scientists. Fossils is the best book, including as it does numerous close up, bright images of dinosaurs and other extinct creatures; explanations of the ways in which the rocks are formed; and a discussion of fossil fuels. Without mentioning political issues, the book debunks creationist arguments by explaining why there are gaps in the fossil record and the evidence that birds descended from reptiles. Soils is also useful, as it boasts better photographs of different soil types than are commonly seen in books of this type, including a particularly interesting photo of a series of soil horizons and a case study involving soil removal at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Gems, Minerals, and Ores are ripe for combining into one longer volume. The material is available elsewhere, and the images are pedestrian. All of the titles include a craft, such as creating a fossil or making metamorphic rocks, that involves bought materials and requires adult assistance (a fact that is mentioned as the first step in the instructions).

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