Reviews for Gregor de las Tierras Altas/ Gregor the Overlander

Criticas Reviews 2008 July 15th
Gr 5-8- It's the beginning of summer and everyone is going off to camp except Gregor, an 11-year-old boy from New York City. Since his father's disappearance, Gregor has been helping take care of his little sisters, especially two-year-old Boots. He has sacrificed his chance to go to camp, letting his other sister go instead. One day, while doing laundry in the basement of his building, Boots disappears down an air chute and Gregor goes after her. At the bottom of this inner-city rabbit hole, the two find themselves in the Underland, surrounded by giant cockroaches. The story moves quickly as the two Overlanders are taken to the Queen of the Underlander humans, where Gregor learns of a prophecy which focuses on him and a quest to find his missing father and save the Underlanders' kingdom. He travels with bats, cockroaches, giant spiders, a rat, and two of the royal Underlanders, while protecting Boots and becoming the leader of the questoers. This fantasy by Suzanne Collins is skillfully written with well-developed characters and enough action to keep listeners' attention. With the hint of a sequel, this would be an excellent selection for libraries to add to their fantasy collections. Copyright 2008 Reed Business Information.