Reviews for Mad 'Cause She Ain't You

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Three women cruise between Brooklyn and Queens on their quest for a man with cars, money, and a career. Each desperately wanting to be a real girlfriend and not just a side piece, Ebony, Phoenix, and Joi are looking to become wifeys by any means necessary. That is, if the men pass muster. But first they have to put up with drama swirling around DNA tests, control-freak guys, cat fights, and rival baby mamas. Ebony likes her sex but finds herself in bed with a variety of losers and ponders, "Why do her boyfriends keep cheating on her?" Message to Ebony? Here's a clue: It might be that you dress for a party sans panties and wear a micro-mini and five-inch heels. Phoenix and Joi are more conservative in their hunt, but each of these materialistic girls has lots to learn. Without giving too much away, this romance novel with a hard edge finds three happy endings, but only two ladies find a man. VERDICT Balanced between hard-core street lit and a romance novel, this story has a strong premise, but a common drawback of inexperienced authors--excessive detail--slows pacing to a crawl. At one point three pages are devoted to describing preparations for a night out, and include excessive brand-name dropping. Yoshe's (The Killer Poet) characters have annoying flaws, but readers will warm to them anyway and fall in step with their problems with sheisty men. (c) Copyright 2013. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.