Reviews for Burrows, Nests & Lairs : Animal Architects

Library Media Connection Reviews 2008 February
In these books, readers learn some fascinating facts about animals and the homes they build and how they capture prey. Detailed illustrations give different perspectives, covering all types of animals from mammals to birds to fish. Sidebars on each page add additional facts. Although the illustrations are beautifully done, real photographs would have been better. Each book is organized by type-type of home or type of predator. Some animals are covered more in depth than others. Glossary. Table of Contents. Index. Additional Selection. Carl A. Harvey II, Library Media Specialist, North Elementary School, Noblesville, Indiana © 2008 Linworth Publishing, Inc.

School Library Journal Reviews 2008 April

Gr 4-5-- This browsable pair of books provides a plethora of attractive artwork and simple, brief paragraphs of text to accompany each picture. Both titles include a glossary and an index, though such headings as "Water, cats' use of" and "Why animals build" may be a tad confusing to novice seekers of specifics. The first book delves into the realm of "homes" created by critters, from burrowers (moles) to communal abodes (termites), with a fast flick into the world of coral polyps. Fangs flips through predators of land, sea, and sky, with a quick peek at a couple of extinct species (think tyrannosaurs). A discussion of the food chain on the African veldt is included, as is a section on the defenses of some prey. The information provided in both books is sound-bite quality and a tad disjointed, but the illustrations are quietly appealing.--Patricia Manning, formerly at Eastchester Public Library, NY

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