Reviews for Drum and Other Percussion Instruments

Library Media Connection Reviews 2010 January/February
This series is eye-catching and colorful. The photos in the books give readers a great visual. Although there is an inconsistent use of vocabulary and music terminology, the series would be appropriate for the lower grade levels as an introduction to music. Overall, I think a music teacher could make good use of these titles. Websites. Additional Selection. Sandy Scroggs, Librarian, Schenck Elementary School, San Antonio, Texas ¬ 2010 Linworth Publishing, Inc.

School Library Journal Reviews 2009 November

Gr 3-6-These well-organized books are designed to inspire readers to make their own music. Lively, readable texts are augmented by photos of children playing the instruments. Unfortunately, although the subjects are natural-looking and diverse, the photos are poorly lit and unstyled. A garish, flat color palette does not help, and one wishes for diagrams to help explain how instruments produce sound. One highlight of this series is the list of recommended Web sites and musical compositions at the back of each book. Many of the Internet resources are interactive, and the CDs listed include contemporary music and music from around the world as well as the expected Western classical selections. Drum lists CDs from Brazil, India, and West Africa alongside works by Bartok and Steve Reich; Piano includes CDs of compositions by Dave Brubeck and Erik Satie as well as, of course, Mozart and Chopin.

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