Reviews for City and Country Homes

Library Media Connection Reviews 2008 April/May
There are a surprising variety of types of homes in the world, and this series helps students visualize how people in other places and cultures live. Full color photographs throughout support the text. The information is well- organized, with an overview of five different homes in each category, and in-depth studies of each. There are a few minor problems, such as overuse of the word "traditional" and a few words are not included in the glossary that should be. There is a common suggested activity at the end of each book-draw a floor plan of your own home. Three of the books don't show the inside of one of the featured houses, even though the page heading indicates that they do. Occasionally, a place is not identified well. Adults will know the location, but students might not. These problems do not significantly detract from the usefulness of the books for units on shelter and housing. Their greatest value is in the diversity of homes covered. Glossary. Index. Recommended. Sylvia L. Adair, K-8 Library Media Specialist, Kansasville (Wisconsin) Grade School © 2008 Linworth Publishing, Inc.