Reviews for Hockey : Miracle on Ice

Library Media Connection - November/December 2006
The theme of each title in the series is an individual or team that has in some way defied the odds to emerge as winners. The format varies slightly depending on the type of sport. For instance, the focus of the book on tennis is Venus Williams and details of her life growing up in a tough neighborhood. The book on baseball features the Boston Red Sox and their long quest for a World Series championship. The book on hockey features the U.S. team's win in the 1980 Olympics. Each book has a little about the history of the major competition for that sport (e.g., The World Cup for soccer), a timeline, glossary, and brief bulleted facts summarizing the text. Sometimes information on competitions includes a map showing countries discussed in the text. For example, the book on cycling and Lance Armstrong shows the route of the Tour de France. Big, bold photos, along with grainy historical pictures, break up the information on each page. The large text is easy to read. Titles stand alone, so you can purchase individual books as needed. These books are great for elementary school, as well as for older reluctant readers, for browsers, or for those seeking fast facts. Index. Recommended. Karen Sebesta, Educational Reviewer, San Antonio, Texas © 2007 Linworth Publishing, Inc.

School Library Journal Reviews 2006 July

Gr 3-5 -In each book, Sandler dramatically sets the stage by delineating why the outcome of the particular game or match was noteworthy. In the case of the Boston Red Sox and Venus Williams, many sports enthusiasts thought that their prime time had come and gone. In Hockey and Soccer , readers are informed that the young U.S. teams were not expected to do well in the tournaments. Yet in each instance, players exhibited the stamina that led to a successful outcome. The author clearly describes each sport and provides enough history for the uninitiated. Still, it will be the real fan who will appreciate the significance of the conclusion of the games. Action photographs, many of which are in color, appear throughout. Supplemental purchases.-Blair Christolon, Prince William Public Library System, Manassas, VA

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