Reviews for Judy Moody Was In a Mood

Criticas Reviews 2004 July-August
Gr 3-4-Great news for Judy Moody fans! Santillana has just published the first two Spanish translations of the Judy Moody series. Spanish readers will be introduced to the feisty third grader who is the only one in class to have a Venus flytrap as a favorite pet, even though she knows it's a plant. In Judy Moody esta de mal humor, Judy is not terribly excited about returning to school after summer vacation. She knows that Mr. Todd, her third grade teacher, will seat her in front of the classroom next to Frank Pearl, her least favorite admirer. In ­Judy Moody se vuelve famosa! Judy becomes jealous of a classmate named Jessica, who wins the local spelling bee and has her picture published in the newspaper. Judy decides to embark on various escapades so she can become famous and get her own picture in the paper, too. Early chapter book readers will enjoy the ink-and-wash illustrations that trace Judy's adventures. The pages are small and contain generously spaced and sized type. The translations give credence to Judy's vivacious personality. Both books are sure to be very popular selections in libraries and bookstores.-Veronica Covington, School of Information, Univ. of Texas, Austin Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.