Reviews for Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

AudioFile Reviews 2000 April/May
Run, skip, drive, walk quickly, swim or locomote to your nearest audiobook supplier and procure a copy of Patrick Fraley's sensational reading of this American classic. Touted on its packaging as a performance, as opposed to a mere narration, this rendition should be recognized as an audio classic in its own right. Fraley recreates Huck, Jim and the rest of the gang flawlessly, using an elastic voice, perfect diction and bubbling enthusiasm. He has mastered the many dialects of this nineteenth-century text, making it easy to follow the story and appreciate Twain's humor. Fraley also does some serious verbal gymnastics by changing character voices a half-dozen times within a two-minute span. The music between chapters adds to the overall exceptional experience. R.I.G. An AUDIOFILE Earphones Award winner. ¬ AudioFile 2000, Portland, Maine.Copyright 2000 AudioFile Reviews

Library Journal Reviews 2000 February #1
With at least six unabridged recordings of Huckleberry Finn already available, what can another recording possibly offer that is new? The answer is plenty. For starters, this is apparently the only set of tapes to include a long passage known as the "raft chapter," which Twain reluctantly removed from the book's first edition. Restoration of that passage not only repairs the novel's disrupted continuity, it adds a specimen of 19th-century Southwestern humor and some of the most outrageous boasting ever preserved in print. It's a delight made all the more so by Patrick Fraley's reading, performed in a way never attempted before: in the voice of a teenage Huck, the story's narrator. Along the way, he gives individual voices to more than 100 characters. This type of reading can be a gamble; if it fails, the results may be unlistenable. However, Fraley succeeds brilliantly, adding dimensions not possible in standard readings. This masterpiece will make an ideal addition to any audio collection and is essential for libraries patronized by young readers. R. Kent Rasmussen, Thousand Oaks, CA Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.