Reviews for Centsibility : The Planet Girl Guide to Money

Library Media Connection Reviews 2008 April/May
Girls who are eager to earn their own money will be extremely interested in this book. With eye-catching illustrations throughout, Melnychuk's art will grab readers. Tips are provided, ranging from how to choose jobs based upon personal likes and dislikes to information on jobs to be held without leaving your home, such as babysitting and tutoring. While some readers might be put off by the sometimes "parental-preachy" feel of some aspects of budgeting and saving money, there are plenty of areas for readers to gain insight into the world of earning and spending. The authors also make sure to offer information that girls can appreciate, such as how to begin a personal bank account. Quizzes are featured throughout. At the end of each section a craft idea is presented, ranging from how to make paper beads to a recipe for lemonade. The authors also touch upon human rights issues, such as sweatshop workers, advertising aimed at youth, giving to charities, and participating in fundraisers. This book is a worthwhile addition to any intermediate or middle school library. Recommended. Beth Green, School Library Media Specialist, Wappingers Junior High School, Wappingers Falls, New York © 2008 Linworth Publishing, Inc.