Reviews for Lungs

Library Media Connection Reviews 2010 October
The titles in this series provide simple introductions to body systems and their main components. The text includes terms defined either in the text or in a glossary at the back of each book. A somewhat conversational tone is employed at times to draw readers in, but at other times the text is straightforward definition and description. The font is extra large--maybe too much so; readers may feel at first as if the book is aimed at younger children. The 3D images are intriguing and well-labeled, and so large that they could be shared with an entire class. Each volume ends with a brief index and points students to a title- specific PowerKids Press website that is regularly updated to ensure currency and usefulness. Recommended. Michelle Glatt, Librarian, Chiddix Junior High School, Normal, Illinois ¬ 2010 Linworth Publishing, Inc.