Reviews for Exploring the Life, Myth, and Art of Native Americans

Library Media Connection Reviews 2010 January/February
This beautifully illustrated and well-written set is perfect for those assignments where students must look at the culture of a civilization. Artwork and pictures blend seamlessly with the information and the reader is taken on a journey of discovery. Myths are used as the story of how the people view themselves, blended with the discussion of the reality of life. Everyday life is tied to the belief systems and is explained in light of those beliefs. The pictures are beautifully done and there is almost as much information in the captions as there is in the text. Each book is equally well done and written by experts in their fields. The book on India will definitely fill a hole in our middle school collection for seventh-grade world history, where mythology is studied as well. Bibliography. Glossary. Websites. Index. Highly Recommended. Sandi Jordet, District Library Media Coordinator, Brush (Colorado) Public Schools ¬ 2010 Linworth Publishing, Inc.

School Library Journal Reviews 2009 November

Gr 7 Up-Featuring beautiful, well-chosen photographs of people, places, and artifacts that include Egyptian funeral masks and hieroglyphics and sculptures from India's various faiths, these books delve much deeper than any other series here into the details of these astonishing cultures. Whether the subject is Chinese dynasties or the cosmos of Native American tribes, readers will be drawn into reasoned discussions of exceptional art, fascinating cultural traditions, and exotic landscapes. Well organized and manageable in length, each chapter presents a wealth of material on myths, beliefs, fashions, art, gender roles, life, and death. Unlike most of the other series reviewed here, these books were written by subject experts whose deep knowledge and passion emerges in these unique, stylish narratives.

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