Reviews for Shadows

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2013 Spring
After Soli witnesses her best (and only) friend, Lucy, kissing the boy she likes, she accidentally wishes her away into the perilous faerieground where their thinly developed friendship is put to the ultimate test. Hyperbolic characters and choppy writing lead to uninspiring first installments, but Sawyer's evocative if bizarre-looking photorealistic illustrations may add interest to this odd series. [Review covers these Faerieground titles: [cf2]The Shadows[cf1] and [cf2]A Wish in the Woods[cf1].]

Library Media Connection Reviews 2012 November/December
This fantasy series is really one story divided into four pieces, written for hi-lo readers. It has an exciting element that will keep reluctant readers going. The numerous illustrations by Odessa Sawyer are magically intriguing. Soli and Lucy are best friends, but have a falling out. While in the Faerie woods, Soli wishes Lucy away, and she disappears. So ends the first book. Soli and Lucy discover that Soli is the daughter of the Queen, who is human, and the good Faierie King. These four stories will find a place in a middle or high school setting where very low level books are needed. There is excitement, adventure, magic, and a bit of romance. The series, written by Beth Bracken and Kay Fraser, is done well and will entertain those readers who might not otherwise be able to handle a lot of fantasy. Melinda W. Miller, K-12 Library Media Specialist, Colton-Pierrepont Central School, Colton, New York. RECOMMENDED Copyright 2012 Linworth Publishing, Inc.