Reviews for Percussion

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2012 Spring
Colorful photos and very brief texts introduce beginning readers to a variety of musical instruments found around the world. When the texts act as captions, identifying the instruments in the pictures (e.g., "the duduk is a very old reed instrument"), they are useful. Otherwise, their simplicity raises more questions than it answers. Glos., ind. [Review covers these Instruments and Music titles: Brass, Percussion, and Woodwind.]

Library Media Connection Reviews 2012 March/April
This primary level introduction to instruments is informative and appealing. Each book describes aspects of the instrument group, demonstrating through photographs, distinguishing features, and parts of the instrument as well as how it is played. The text is simple yet fairly comprehensive, and each book contains a simple picture glossary. The illustrations are not only informative, but breathtakingly beautiful and multicultural, incorporating people and instruments from around the globe. Very young students will not only learn about musical instruments, but will also be introduced to multiple cultures as they navigate through these introductory texts. Index. Candi Pierce Garry, Teacher Librarian, Hamilton High School and Renee Smallwood, Librarian, Crawford Woods Elementary School, Hamilton, Ohio. RECOMMENDED Copyright 2012 Linworth Publishing, Inc.