Reviews for Collages

Booklist Reviews 2011 November #1
In this entry in the Start with Art series, you sometimes can't tell the professional collages from those of youthful amateurs, and therein lies the appeal. With the right cocktail of instinct, luck, and dedication, the mixing of materials known as collage can create magic in the unlikeliest of places and with the unlikeliest of materials. Aside from minor nods to history ("The Romans used mosaics to decorate floors"), Thomas places her focus on the sheer variety of examples, from clearly accessible figures and scene studies to abstract works out to produce purely emotional responses in audiences. Young readers will be inspired by the anything-goes list of materials--wood, paper scraps, fabric, plants--though a closing lesson keeps things simple by showing them how to cut up a magazine to create a funny self-portrait. A bit haphazard and unfocused, but the right kid will draw plenty of inspiration from the provided examples. Copyright 2011 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2012 Fall
With only two sentences per page, these are very simple introductions to some types of visual arts for young children. Illustrations include reproductions of famous works in different styles. Photos show children painting, drawing, and making collages, helping readers see connections between the featured art and possibilities for their own creative work, as well as providing inspiration and encouraging expressiveness. Websites. Glos., ind. [Review covers these Start with Art titles: Collages, Drawing, and Painting.]

Library Media Connection Reviews 2012 May/June
This series explains art forms to early elementary students in straightforward language, with examples drawn from a wide range of countries. Every page features two simple sentences in large font under a color photograph. The layout is eye-catching and appealing. A craft activity based on the lesson concludes each volume. With the exception of Photographs, which requires the use of a digital camera, all crafts use common household items. Glossary. Table of Contents. Index. Julie Judkins, Digital Librarian, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. RECOMMENDED. Copyright 2012 Linworth Publishing, Inc.