Reviews for Ice Hockey

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2011 Fall
These overviews of popular sports foreground performance; chapter headings include topics such as "Training and Nutrition," "High-Tech Equipment," and "Injuries and Treatments." Physics, biology, and psychology concepts related to the sports are rarely isolated; instead, they're wrapped into technical discussions of moves and techniques. Many photographs of pros and novices in action add interest to the volumes. Reading list, websites. Glos., ind. [Review covers these Science Behind Sports titles: Gymnastics, Snowboarding, Ice Hockey, and Basketball.] Copyright 2011 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Library Media Connection Reviews 2011 November/December
This engaging series takes an in-depth look at several different sports and the science behind them. Each book starts out with a history of the sport, famous players are highlighted, and how the sport has changed and developed through the years is described. The books dissect the different types of training that each sport requires, as well as highlighting proper nutrition that will assist in the training process. The books explain the sport, the moves, how the game works, and the physics that are involved. Pictures and diagrams are very helpful and support the text in a way that will enhance the students' learning. Bibliography. Glossary. Websites. Tricia Grady, Franklin (Indiana) Community Middle School [Editor's Note: Available in e-book format.] RECOMMENDED ¬ 2011 Linworth Publishing, Inc.