Reviews for 101 Ways to Be Smart About Money

Library Media Connection Reviews 2012 May/June
This colorful and timely series will attract readers and hold their interest. Each page has a vivid barcode pattern across the tops and bottoms of pages. Photographs, Q & A's in green boxes, and thumbtack "what's that?" yellow boxes include definitions of terms. There are also true stories with real people and quizzes. "Oops!" and "Listen Up!" sections draw attention to problems and ideas. Although short in length, each book covers 101 tips amply and logically. The books are attractive, visually exciting, and easy to understand. The feature enhancements make them very appealing to the current generation. Students will love this series! Bibliography. Glossary. Websites. Rita Fontinha, YA/Reference Librarian, Milton (Massachusetts) Public Library. RECOMMENDED. Copyright 2012 Linworth Publishing, Inc.