Reviews for Builders

Library Media Connection Reviews 2005 October
Based on the Animal Planet television show, this series is a collection of Earth's most extreme animals. Each book begins with the number ten animal and counts down to the number one animal in each category. Some of these categories are the most extreme builders, fighters, thinkers, jumpers, survivors, gluttons, and the fastest animals. Each animal's special attribute is described and depicted using full-color photographs. Comparisons to humans and other animals are made in order to explain more clearly the characteristics of the individual animal. This series will be of great interest to all animal- loving students. They will be intrigued with the countdown to the number one animal and fascinated with the unusual facts presented. Each book contains a bibliography of other resources, a glossary, and an index. Recommended. Kathleen Harrity, Hudson (Massachusetts) Public Schools © 2005 Linworth Publishing, Inc.