Reviews for DC Universe Presents 1 : Deadman / Challengers of the Unknown

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Writer and recipient of the 2006 New York Times Academic Librarian of the Year Award, Jenkins (director, library services, Coll. of Mount St. Joseph; Batman: The Dark Knight) presents an anthology that spotlights the lesser-known but no less captivating comics characters. This first volume collects a five-issue Deadman arc and a three-issue Challengers of the Unknown arc. Boston Brand is Deadman, the ghost of a trapeze artist bound by goddess Rama Kushna to perform quantum leaps into the body of people in crisis, serving a personal path to redemption. The Challengers of the Unknown by DiDio and Ordway reimagines the classic Jack Kirby team as a group of D-list celebrities/reality show contestants globe-hop on a quest to reclaim magic artifacts. Verdict The Deadman arc is easily the strongest part of the book, with its focus on the nature of Deadman's mission and his relationship to Rama Kushna. The Challengers of the Unknown, on the other hand, presents forgettable characters and a worn-out plot. An optional purchase for most graphic novels collections.--Terry Bosky, Madison, WI (c) Copyright 2013. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.