Reviews for Confessions of a Blabbermouth

Library Media Connection Reviews 2008 January
This hilarious, British graphic novel chronicles the misadventures of Tasha, a manic blogger whose life is one huge drama. Her divorced mother brings home yet another boyfriend, a hack writer with an exaggerated sense of his own importance. His mysterious daughter, Chloe, starts school with Tasha; the plot thickens from that point on. Reluctantly, Chloe and Tasha work together on the yearbook committee, this year staffed by the 12s instead of the 13s, creating great animosity between the classes. Sylvie and her cronies, who terrorize the school, make their lives miserable. Throw into the mix Ben, a not-quite-yet boyfriend of Tasha's, and mayhem ensues. Mike Carey teams up with his teenage daughter, Louise, to write this very funny scenario. Louise's contribution is very evident in the understanding of the school scene. Alexovich's delightful illustrations with exaggerated, bold strokes and grimacing facial expressions complement the text nicely. The humorous dialogue is quite clever and very funny. Tasha's meanderings on her blog are both a creative outlet and a vent for her intense frustration with her mother's string of boyfriends. Real world situations create a very enjoyable romp through the ups and downs of Tasha's adolescence. Recommended. Susie Nightingale, Library Media Specialist, Santa Fe Trail Junior High School, Olathe, Kansas © 2008 Linworth Publishing, Inc.

School Library Journal Reviews 2007 November

Gr 7 Up -Tasha deals with stress in a variety of ways. When this book opens, she has just thrown an iron out of the window upon learning that her mother is bringing home yet another new boyfriend for her to meet. But such physical reactions aren't the norm; usually she deals with her problems by writing about them in her blog, Blabbermouth. Many people (including her mother) read it regularly, so whenever Tasha uses it to vent her feelings, word spreads like wildfire. Many parts of this story are laugh-out-loud funny, and Tasha's witty words keep the pace moving quickly. The plot slows down when she learns that Mom's new boyfriend, Jed, and his daughter, Chloe, share a secret, and through uncovering and exposing this secret (through Blabbermouth, naturally), Tasha helps to change Chloe's life and form a real friendship with her. The dialogue, and especially the humor, rings true. Alexovich's black-and-white artwork reflects both the frenetic action and the emotional angst of the tale. This book is a highlight of the Minx line, and every graphic-novel collection should have at least one copy.-Andrea Lipinski, New York Public Library

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