Reviews for Inferno

Library Media Connection Reviews 2014 January/February
The fourth installment in the Chronicles of Nick series delivers an action-packed, fast-paced adventure. Sixteen-year-old Nick Gautier, son of the most powerful demon, Malachai, is destined to take his father's place. Nick's world is full of enemies and allies, and his biggest problem is understanding who he can trust. His girlfriend, Kody, is ultimately the one who will kill him, and his new interest, Casey, has a hidden agenda to destroy him. The danger grows as an ancient force works to control Nick and the destruction he is capable of unleashing. Nick must continue to understand and control the power he possesses. The author's descriptive writing, strong male characters, and high action plot will draw in readers; however, struggling readers may find the depth of character names, background, and interconnectedness overwhelming at times. Jenny Seiler, Teacher, Woodworth Middle School, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin [Editor's Note: Available in e-book format.] RECOMMENDED Copyright 2012 Linworth Publishing, Inc.