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Booklist Reviews 2012 November #1
*Starred Review* Gwen Frazier knows Evelyn Ballinger was murdered because Evelyn told Gwen so herself. Unfortunately, most police departments do not consider ghosts to be credible witnesses. In fact, the police chief of Wilby, Oregon, seems more convinced that Gwen has something to do with Evelyn's death, especially since Gwen was around several years earlier, when two members of a paranormal research study group organized by Evelyn were murdered. All of which means that if Gwen is going to bring Evelyn's killer to justice, she is going to need help from someone who specializes in paranormal investigative work. In other words, someone exactly like Judson Coppersmith. Writing with her signature sharp wit, Krentz (Copper Beach, 2012) flawlessly juggles a richly imaginative, paranormal-tinged plot fueled by an abundance of high-adrenaline danger and an engaging pair of protagonists whose combustible sexual chemistry threatens to permanently singe readers' fingers. The end result is another perfect fusion of suspense and romance from an author at the top of her game. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.

BookPage Reviews 2013 January
In love in the country

Kat Murray offers a feel-good contemporary Western romance in Taking the Reins. Peyton Muldoon loves her family ranch above all else, and she is working hard to get it back on its feet, despite the pressure she feels as a woman in a man’s world. There’s also the memory of her dead mother to battle. The shallow woman’s choices—including her affair with the nasty character she hired as a horse trainer—nearly destroyed Peyton’s legacy. But Peyton has kicked the bad guy out, and she rejoices when the best man for the job becomes available. Red Callahan has an impeccable reputation as well as a penchant for taking on only short-term assignments . . . but Peyton’s determination gets under Red’s skin and has him rethinking the appeal of putting down roots. Will Peyton let him get close, or is she too stubborn to see that she’s nothing like her mother? Well-detailed and spiced with a touch of suspense, this sexy read goes down easy.

The Husband List by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly is a historical romance spiced with a dash of intrigue. In 1894, American heiress Caroline Maxwell is being pressured by her mother to marry into the English aristocracy. She has managed to frighten off titled men before, but now that Lord Bremerton is to arrive in America, Caroline’s mother is determined that her daughter will be his bride. Caroline, however, longs for independence and adventure, and she sees a way to both in her brother’s handsome best pal, brash Irish-American Jack Culhane. Though Jack enjoys his bachelor status, Caroline is making marriage sound better by the minute. The two fall in love, but it may prove impossible to overcome maternal expectations and the unsavory Lord Bremerton’s resolve to have Caroline as his wife. Details of Newport mansions, Worth gowns and a transatlantic ocean voyage infuse this gently sensual and sparkling story of childhood friends becoming so much more. A frothy tale of Gilded Age fun.

A paranormal adventure brings romance into the lives of two people with special talents in Dream Eyes by Jayne Ann Krentz. Psychic counselor Gwen Frazier is accustomed to talking to ghosts, but she feels an urgent jolt when the spirit of her mentor starts communicating. Gwen’s slain friend was part of a research group that was stalked two years before—some of the members were murdered—and she knows it’s time to get to the bottom of these crimes. Sent to her aid in the small Oregon town is Judson Coppersmith, a psychic investigator. Gwen and Judson had met once before, though in spite of their mutual attraction they didn’t pursue romance; Judson hadn’t felt ready for a relationship. When Judson and Gwen inevitably fall into bed after their reunion, they tell themselves they’re only working off the stress of their sleuthing. But their attachment only grows—not to mention their worry that they might not live to experience a future together. Imaginative and exciting, this tale will have readers guessing (and second-guessing) their way to its conclusion.

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Kirkus Reviews 2012 November #1
When Gwen Frazier returns to Wilby, Ore., to investigate the death of her mentor, she knows she's opening up psychic wounds she'd rather forget, and when her best friend sends in investigator Judson Coppersmith to help, she realizes she's met her match, romantically and psychically. Will their attraction, skills and talent be enough, in time, to solve the mystery and save them both? Psychic Gwen Frazier would just as soon avoid Wilby, Ore., since she was nearly the victim of a serial killer two years ago, when she was participating in a psychic research study. But when the researcher, Gwen's friend and mentor Evelyn Ballinger, winds up dead, and names Gwen as her sole heir, she simply can't stay away. Returning to the town opens Gwen up to even more danger, physically and psychically, and turns the sheriff's suspicious mind to Gwen as the prime suspect. Gwen's friend sends her Judson Coppersmith, of the wealthy Coppersmith family, a renowned investigator who has some strong psychic talent himself, as well as a wildfire physical attraction. Judson might as well be the cavalry as far as Gwen is concerned, with his security and weapons skills, plus his psychic intuition toward violent crime. He's just what she needs to solve the crime and stay alive. As bodies start piling up in Wilby, it becomes clear that Gwen is once again a target. Judson and Gwen must race to find a link between the past and the present to solve the mystery and catch the killer determined to take Gwen's life. And as the two work toward answers, they'll realize just how good they are together--in oh-so-many ways. This is the second novel in the Dark Legacy series from Krentz. The master storyteller once again creates authentic, well-drawn characters, a quick-paced, engrossing plot set against a backdrop of a psychic world imprinted effortlessly on our own and a relatable romance one can't help but root for. Romantic suspense with a psychic twist--or, a little bit of everything, all wrapped up in wonderful. Copyright Kirkus 2012 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

Library Journal Reviews 2012 December #1

Psychic counselor Gwen Frazier is drawn back to tiny Wilby, OR, by an email from her mentor, paranormal researcher Dr. Evelyn Ballinger. When Gwen arrives to find Evelyn dead on the office floor, she knows Evelyn didn't die naturally--the ghost in the mirror and her own uncanny ability to sense violent death tell her that much--but proving it is another matter. Suspecting a link between this murder and a series of deaths two years earlier and now a suspect herself, Gwen reaches out to psychic investigator Judson Coppersmith for help and gets love in the bargain. A lethally talented heroine haunted by the past; a powerful, enigmatic hero with issues of his own; and a complex, multifaceted plot that takes fans into a mind-bending dreamscape maze result in another winner from the consistently creative Krentz. VERDICT With walk-off-the-page characters, crackling sexual tension, swift pacing, and the author's trademark sassy humor, this wonderfully inventive high-stakes adventure will whet fans' appetites for more. Krentz (Copper Beach) lives in Seattle.

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Publishers Weekly Reviews 2012 November #2

Krentz returns to the world of her sexy psi investigators in a strong sequel to Copper Beach (2012). Judson Coppersmith's innate psychic gifts allow him to detect resonance from violent events and sense the emotions of a killer's mind. Gwen Frazier is a dream counselor who reads auras and translates the psychic resonance of violent deaths into visions of ghosts. When Gwen's mentor is murdered with a paranormal weapon, Gwen turns to the Coppersmiths for help, giving her a chance to explore her compelling lust for Judson. Krentz balances the protagonists' mutual attraction with their insecurities; Judson, who is fighting nightmares of a traumatic event, fears being viewed as a potential client, and Gwen worries her contagious dreams will ruin this relationship as it has others. The triple twists in the murder case make the plot convoluted and tedious, but a long denouement gives the characters a chance to build a real relationship after the threats of violence are gone. (Jan.)

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