Reviews for Cinderella : An Islamic Tale

Library Media Connection Reviews 2011 November/December
Variants of the Cinderella story are found worldwide, with each culture adding its mark. That is certainly true in this version; the devout Muslim's way of life is central to the retelling. There is some awkward phrasing, perhaps the result of poor editing. Some of the Arabic is not in the glossary nor easily understood from the text. The illustrations vary in quality from culturally beautiful to coloring-book stilted. This folkloric tale becomes, in the end, a didactic religious tale used to try to explain Muslim traditions. This is useful for libraries serving large Muslim clientele, and libraries where there is a demand for folktale variants. Marion Mueller, Library Media Specialist/ Consultant, New Hope Christian School, Neenah, Wisconsin, Rawhide Boys School, New London, Wisconsin. ADDITIONAL SELECTION The Elves and the Shoemaker. 978-1-4342-2553-4 Tom Thumb. 978-1-4342-2519-4 2011. 40pp. ea. $23.99 ea. lb. Stone Arch Books. Grades 1-4 ¬ 2011 Linworth Publishing, Inc.