Reviews for Wimpy Kid Movie Diary : How Greg Heffley Went Hollywood

Booklist Reviews 2010 April #2
If you're a fan of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series--and, statistically speaking, you probably are or know someone who is--you're aware that the live-action film based on the illustrated middle-school travails of Everyboy Greg Heffley has arrived. Movie tie-in books tend to be either mass-market novelizations or coffee-table affairs, both of which have found audiences. This title, in contrast, is the same size, binding, and font as the original novels and gives a very down-to-earth and enthusiastic explanation of how the film adaptation of Wimpy Kid came to the screen. Kinney understands tweens' life traumas, as well as their fascination with moviemaking, and he imparts its secrets without getting too technical or gossipy. In a friendly, conversational tone, he follows the main character (Greg, of course) and the young star who portrays him on the screen, Zachary Gordon, through all stages of the filming process, from green light to red carpet. Along the way, Kinney covers Hollywood pitchmen, script creation, director selection, casting (budding actors will be especially interested in the process), location scouting, the creation of props (Who knew this much work went into a fake piece of moldy cheese?) and special effects, costume design, stunt performances, and more. More than 200 behind-the-scenes color photos are included in a title that's sure to delight series devotees and film buffs alike. Copyright 2010 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2010 Fall
Diary of a Wimpy Kid was made into a movie in 2010. The process is here chronicled, through text, photos, and illustrations. Many details are included, from the way the actors were chosen to how the moldy cheese was filmed. The process is explained clearly and will be interesting to new and seasoned Kid fans and future filmmakers alike. Copyright 2010 Horn Book Guide Reviews.