Reviews for Library Mouse

Booklist Reviews 2007 September #1
*Starred Review* Put a mouse in a library and you have a sure seller; make the mouse a writer and you have a sure-fire hit. Sam lives in a hole in the wall behind the children's reference books. During the day he sleeps, but at night he reads all kinds of books. One night Sam decides to write and illustrate his own. He writes about himself, and he draws his likeness, posing in a little mirror and sketching what he saw. He slips Squeak! A Mouse's Life into the biography section. A girl finds it and shows it to the librarian, who is intrigued. Then Sam writes more: The Lonely Cheese and The Mystery of Mouse Mansion. Increasingly curious, the librarian posts a note on the bulletin board, inviting Sam to Meet the Author Day. What is Sam to do? His delightfully unexpected solution will inspire kids to write their own stories. In a rainbow of colors, the art, which features a slightly flattened perspective, ranges from small oval pictures of Sam busily sharpening pencils with his teeth to full-page views of the busy library. One great picture shows Sam's face filling the page, dark eyes alight and white whiskers bristling. It's a show-stopper. This is ready-made to introduce a classroom writing activity, though some of the pictures are too small to be appreciated in a large-group readaloud. Even so, this is fun, fun, fun. Copyright 2007 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2008 Spring
Library mouse Sam begins writing--and surreptitiously shelving--his own tales. When the librarian (who doesn't know he's a mouse) asks for an author visit, Sam remains concealed and invites children to write their own books. Kirk delivers an undisguised message about the value of writing. His human characters look stiff, but Sam is depicted with verve and humor. Copyright 2008 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2007 August #1
A writing rodent inspires young library patrons. Sam the mouse has a cozy home behind a wall in the children's reference section, and every night he sneaks outside to read, feeling that the library belongs to him. His head full of information, he decides it's time to write a book of his own. Squeak!, his memoir, becomes an instant success when it's found stuck in a shelf by a young student. Sam follows up his debut with The Lonely Cheese and The Mystery of Mouse Mansion. Mrs. Forrester, the head librarian, leaves Sam a letter suggesting a "Meet the Author Day." Industrious Sam (who sharpens pencils with his teeth) turns this into a writer's workshop, with all the attendees turning out books of their own. Though the substantial text skews to older readership, the earth tones in Kirk's gouache illustrations lend warmth to his tale, which should encourage young would-be writers. (Picture book. 4-8) Copyright Kirkus 2007 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

School Library Journal Reviews 2007 October

K-Gr 2-- Sam has a cozy home in the wall behind the children's reference books at the library. By day he sleeps and by night he reads, reads, reads. One night, he decides to write his own book. Once his autobiography is finished, he shelves it in the biography section. It's a huge hit with the children and the staff, as are the mystery and picture books he pens. This leads the head librarian to post a letter inviting the mystery writer to a "Meet the Author" day. Since he is a bit shy around people, he comes up with a better idea. He sets up a display using a mirror to show each student as the author, then puts out booklets and pencils for them to write their own stories. This book has an excellent premise, but the text is a bit wordy. It's the art that brings it to life. The detailed illustrations show a bright, light, busy library filled with books, a few computers, and lots of patrons. Sam, attired in a different outfit on almost every page, is an engaging, expressive mouse, and kids will enjoy seeing him having the run of the building at night. This offering would work well as a catalyst for a writing project.--Catherine Callegari, Gay-Kimball Library, Troy, NH

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