Reviews for Palace of Stone

AudioFile Reviews 2013 April
In the long awaited sequel to THE PRINCESS ACADEMY, Miri travels from Mt. Eskel to the royal palace for the upcoming wedding of Britta and Prince Steffan. Instead of joyous preparations, she finds herself in the middle of a simmering conflict between the nobles and the common folk. The full cast enlivens Hale's story of revolution. Particularly noteworthy is the voice for Miri as she struggles with the mantle of leadership. However, some of the characters do not distinctly pronounce Miri's name, causing confusion. Cynthia Bishop's carefully enunciated narration is a strong point, but incongruous musical ditties opening each chapter detract from the narrative flow. Once the story gets going, it's enjoyable but, like a quarry on Mt. Eskel, this production is rocky and uneven. M.M.O. (c) AudioFile 2013, Portland, Maine