Reviews for Great Expectations : Library Edition

AudioFile Reviews 2006 December/January 2007
BBC Radio dramatizes Dickens's famous melodrama about orphan Pip, who rises from poverty to sudden great fortune. Not only is the acting high quality, but the voices seem matched to their parts with special care and intelligence. Cuts in the story are hardly noticeable, except for occasional abrupt scenes in which plot points must be made willy-nilly. Another weakness is the music: generic (it seems familiar from other BBC programs), repetitive, at times inappropriate to the action, but, like most wallpaper, easily ignored. All in all, a fine rendering of Pip's story--but the names of the cast that makes it fine should have been listed. W.M. (c) AudioFile 2006, Portland, Maine

AudioFile Reviews 1999 February/March
In his reading of Great Expectations, Martin Jarvis exceeds even the greatest expectations: He is superb. In a novel that some say is Dickens's finest, numerous characters confront young Pip, coming from all manner of backgrounds and circumstances and, therefore, using a variety of geographical and social dialects. Jarvis is more than equal to the task of differentiating perfectly and consistently among them: the uneducated but good hearted blacksmith, Joe; the convict Magwitch; the proper Miss Havisham; the puzzling Estella; along with other equally memorable friends and foes. To hear Jarvis tell their stories, you almost believe you're listening to a full-cast recording. This audiobook merits highest praise. T.H. Copyright 1999 AudioFile Reviews