Reviews for Acids and Bases

Library Media Connection Reviews 2009 August/September
This series gives an introduction to the basics of chemistry. There are many illustrations including photographs and tables. These add to the reading enjoyment, while making the topic less imposing for young readers. Experiments are listed in side sections, and should grab students? interest. Much of the information repeats from one volume to the next, but with the topics being so intertwined this is to be expected. In Atoms and Molecules there is a mistake when the text says that two or more molecules form an atom, when it should be the other way around. These books are very short, but give a good introduction to their subjects. However, whether collections need all six is debatable. They will be useful in elementary classrooms for finding additional information on science topics. Glossary. Websites. Index. Recommended. Ellen Spring, Librarian, Rockland (Maine) District Middle School [Editor?s Note: Also available in paperback.] ¬ 2009 Linworth Publishing, Inc.

School Library Journal Reviews 2008 November

Gr 5-8-The titles fairly describe the content in these volumes, which will work as standalones. Chapters are brief and focused. The texts, which contain some mistakes, are lean, with sidebars and graphic callouts adding detail, reinforcement, or background information. Notable scientists and their discoveries are included along with a few hands-on suggestions. Occasionally awkward wording will confuse readers, and many captions don't take advantage of their power to instruct. Full-color backgrounds with captioned photos and graphics fill every page, often overpowering the texts. Although they are gorgeous, the photos sometimes function as filler where a diagram would have been more helpful. The accompanying list of URLs is uneven. An attractive but disappointing series.

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