Reviews for Armstrong's Moon Rock

Library Media Connection Reviews 2008 November/December
Here?s a clever way to get kids interested in history?combine biography, history, and fiction to produce this series. Each plot revolves around Digby, his older sister Hannah, and the Knicknack Market, a large area filled with all kinds of interesting stalls. Mr. Rummage?s stall holds treasures, Pixie is the market fortune teller, and there is a variety of characters that tell the tales of people who owned the items and how each made history. Beautiful watercolor and pen and ink color illustrations grace each page and bring the stories to life, as do the photographs included. An impressive amount of factual information is presented in the attractive layouts. This series will be useful both for the curious and those seeking information for reports. Glossary. Table of Contents. Index. Recommended. Rita Fontinha, Educational Reviewer, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts [Editor?s Note: Also available in paperback. A downloadable Teacher?s Guide is available on the publisher?s Web site.] ¬ 2008 Linworth Publishing, Inc.