Reviews for Mixing and Separating

Library Media Connection Reviews 2008 April/May
These sturdy, attractive books use simple sentence structure and vocabulary to describe and explain the properties of materials in their solid, liquid, and gaseous forms. Each topic is thoroughly discussed detailing the specifics of how all kinds of materials can be glued, welded, stitched, filtered, folded, molded, carved, sorted, evaporated, and distilled into useful everyday items. Each title has numerous captioned color photographs that illustrate the topic of each two-page chapter. Interesting additional information is included on some pages in separate boxes. The individual books offer three simple, easy, and safe reproducible experiments, all suitable for school or home. A glossary of bolded words, an index for both subjects and photographs, and further information listing books, Web sites, and museums to visit are also included. This series would be great for a self-contained classroom to enhance the science curriculum due to their thorough discussion of the physical properties of materials and the simple experiments offered. They would also be welcome in a school library collection needing a boost in the physical sciences section. Students will appreciate the pleasing design, easy-to- read font, and direct, clear writing style. Highly Recommended. Anna Hartle, Integrated Technology Teacher/Librarian, Cincinnati (Ohio) Country Day School [Editor's Note: Also available in paperback.] © 2008 Linworth Publishing, Inc.