Reviews for 1960s from the Vietnam War to Flower Power

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2006 Fall
These books provide superficial overviews of six decades in U.S. history, looking briefly at fashion, culture, entertainment, politics, social issues, and scientific advances. The books lack depth but will give readers a general understanding of each period. These revised editions feature color photos, which are sometimes crowded onto the pages. Reading list, timeline, websites. Ind. [Review includes these titles: [cf2]The 1980s[cf1], [cf2]The 1950s[cf1], [cf2]The 1940s[cf1], [cf2]The 1990s[cf1], [cf2]The 1970s[cf1] and [cf2]The 1960s[cf1].]",,"History Copyright 2006 Horn Book Guide Reviews.