Reviews for Robot City Adventures 3 : The Indestructible Metal Men

Library Media Connection Reviews 2011 May/June
In the world of Collicutt, robots and people coexist. Robots do many of the same jobs as people. They talk and have feelings and character traits. These slender graphic novels have a very retro look. They remind me of Hollywood posters for science fiction films of the '40s and '50s. In The Indestructible Metal Men, three very strong robots are lost in a shipwreck. When one of them surfaces 100 years later, two scientists fight over where and to whom the robot should belong. Murder on the Robot City Express features a robot acting as a detective for the railroad, trying to find a missing diamond and the killer of a quantum physicist. The book features a chase on top of a speeding train. These books have plenty of action, and the pictures will provide important visual clues for reluctant readers. Recommended. Audrey Irene Daigneault, Library Media Specialist, West Side Middle School, Groton, Connecticut ¬ 2011 Linworth Publishing, Inc.