Reviews for American Archaeology Uncovers the Underground Railroad

Library Media Connection Reviews 2010 March/April
This series gives young readers an introduction to Historical American Archaeology. The focus of these titles revolve around three distinct groups of people from Europe, the Vikings, the Dutch, and the English, who came to North America and established settlements. The beginning of each book is dedicated to explaining historical archaeology and its purposes, but each title distinctly stands alone when archaeologists dig up the earth to interpret the past and discover that each group has a different set of circumstances, therefore making each story both intriguing and engaging for young readers. Additional reference resources include timelines, glossaries, articles, books, and websites pertaining to the subjects discussed. These books will be a welcomed addition to classroom and school libraries. Recommended. Hope Marie Cook, Librarian, Head of a Curriculum Center, Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, Connecticut [Editor's Note: Also available in eBook format.] ¬ 2010 Linworth Publishing, Inc.