Reviews for Mayflower Compact

Library Media Connection - August/September 2007
The titles in this series introduce important events that changed American history from the first settlement to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The author brings these historical events to life by focusing on the leaders who initiated change, their hardships, and their courageous spirit. Elementary students will see American history from a human perspective and will utilize these books for browsing and research. A variety of archival photographs, maps, illustrations, cartoons, and engravings complement the straightforward text in an appealing layout. Color boxes provide relevant facts for further study such as: key individuals, definitions, quotes, and excerpts from speeches. More difficult terms appear in boldface and are subsequently defined in the glossary. Bibliography. Timeline. Web sites. Index. Recommended. Theresa Metter, Media Specialist, Valley View High School, Germantown, Ohio © 2007 Linworth Publishing, Inc.