Reviews for Lemonade for Sale

Library Talk Reviews 1998 November
The Real Kids Readers Series is a phonics-based set of books written with a controlled vocabulary laid out at three separate levels. Level one titles, written for children preschool to grade one, are for those just beginning to read. Level two, kindergarten to grade 2, are for children who can read with help. Level 3, grades 1-3, are for those who can read on their own. Each book begins with a note to parents explaining the role phonics plays in teaching children to read. It ends with phonics guidelines and steps for practicing reading. The focus is not on reading for enjoyment, but on what to do if the child makes a mistake. Unfortunately, each book is clearly labeled for its targeted grade levels in two places on the cover. The labeling strongly limits their appropriateness for a general library collection. Students at different levels enjoyed several titles in a pull out reading support environment. Stories are fairly well written. Photographs support the stories and portray charming children of various ethnic backgrounds, genders and ages as friends. Unfortunately, the books look like short basal readers. Story lines: Get the Ball, Slim, (one sentence on each page) tells of two boys who lose their baseball and their dog Slim, who finds it. Dan and Dan, a rhyming story shows Dan, the grandson, and Dan, the grandfather, enjoying time together. My Pal A1 features a rhyme about a girl and her stuffed rabbit. Tess makes a mess, much to the displeasure of her family in I like Mess, a humorous rhyming story. In Shoes, Shoes, Shoes, a girl chooses the right shoes for her. Jay and his parents reject a dog, a cat, and a fish before finding The Best Pet Yet. The Lunch Bunch is a good story to use with units on friendship as Meg makes two friends by sharing her lunch. In That's Hard, That's Easy a boy learns, by watching his baby brother, his mother, and his father, that things get easier as you grow older. On With the Show's four kids find that babysitting a little sister gets in the way of planning the Clean Up Pocket Park Day. Kate, Lisa, Max, and Nick help Kate's brother Sam look for his missing hat in That Is Not My Hat! Loose Tooth Luke and his friends make a tooth-pulling machine, tie string to a doorknob, brush his teeth really hard, and eat crunchy food but learn every tooth falls out when it is ready. In Lemonade for Sale, Kate and her friends plan to sell lemonade for Dad's birthday but rain, a run-away bike and tree trimming all get in the way. Optional Purchase. Susan Raben, Lyon Elementary School, Glenview, IL © 1998 Linworth Publishing, Inc.

School Library Journal Reviews 1998 August
K-Gr 3 These books will add a breath of fresh air to beginning-reader collections. The stories center on a group of friends who live near a small park in an urban neighborhood. The events and dialogue reinforce the "Real Kids" in the series title and will strike a chord with children who are experiencing the same dilemmas and delights as the characters. Being the last one to lose a tooth, running a lemonade stand, and looking for a lost hat are not plots that cover new ground but in these titles they are made interesting and appealing by fresh voices and crisp, full-color photographs. The print stands out clearly when boxed on top of the photographs and against the white background of the page. A strong selling point of this phonics-based series is the vocabulary that can be mastered by many first graders but will interest older children as well. A section for parents at the back of each book includes tips on encouraging beginning readers and phonetic guidelines. Solid alternatives to the usual fare. Maura Bresnahan, Topsfield Town Library, MA Copyright 1998 School Library Journal Reviews