Reviews for Clique

Library Media Connection Reviews 2011 January/February
This faithful graphic adaptation of the first book in Harrison's Clique series (Little, Brown & Company) is well done. Claire is the new girl at the private school where Massie is Queen Bee. After being snubbed multiple times by the In Crowd, Claire delivers her own type of gossipy justice. On occasion, it can be hard to decipher which character is which since some look similar to one another. But overall, the manga-style artwork will have crossover appeal to both graphic novel enthusiasts and newbies who liked the prose version of the story. It will feel realistic to teen readers, even if they are not wearing all the name brand tags that the characters wear, because of the creators' usage of technology and texting to keep in contact 24/7. Definitely purchase this where the novel series and manga are popular and where libraries are looking for more engaging tween/teen stories for girls. Recommended. Kristin Fletcher-Spear, Teen Librarian, Foothills Branch Library, Glendale, Arizona ¬ 2011 Linworth Publishing, Inc.