Reviews for Incredible Journeys : Amazing Animal Migrations

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2012 Spring
This volume is organized by land, air, and water routes of migrating animals. Most are covered in double-page spreads (wildebeests rate a poster-size foldout). All pages are packed with useful facts and dramatic photos, occasional artwork reproductions, and some charts. The sections progress naturally, but entries may also be studied separately. Ind.

Library Media Connection Reviews 2012 March/April
Incredible Journeys is a wonderful story about the migration of animals on land, sea, and air. This book addresses the question: How do these animals know where and when to go? Many animals have special senses, some even have navigation tools. Most animals eat a lot before migration starts to increase their energy and reserve, and some exercise to strengthen particular muscles. Incredible Journeys contains many colorful pictures and photographs, diagrams, information boxes, migration maps, and even a giant Wildebeest foldout. The large book design is very impressive and sure to snag readers. Table of Contents. Index. Sue N. Howard, Educational Reviewer, Memphis, Tennessee. RECOMMENDED Copyright 2012 Linworth Publishing, Inc.