Reviews for City of Bones

AudioFile Reviews 2008 February/March
After witnessing three teens murder a vampire in a Manhattan nightclub and then returning home to find that her mother has been kidnapped by demons, Clary realizes her typical teenage life is over. As Clary discovers her magical background and becomes confident in her destiny as a Shadowhunter, narrator Ari Graynor often falls short of the mark in depicting her emotions. Voices for the other teens are not well defined. A minor character is the only one with a New York accent, and the growls employed for monsters are hard to take seriously--much like this urban fantasy itself, which does not translate well to audio. M.M.O. (c) AudioFile 2008, Portland, Maine

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2007 July #1

This Buffy-esque YA novel does not translate well to the audio medium, and part of the problem lies in the story's pacing. Teenager Clary discovers she can see supernatural beings that no one else can, gets drawn into the world of the "Shadowhunters" (teens who kill demons and monsters) and learns that her mother is somehow mysteriously connected to all the strange happenings around her. As a result, a good chunk of the novel consists of long explanatory passages, as various characters fill Clary in on supernatural creatures, the history and rules of the Shadowhunters and her mother's entanglements--all of which come across as tedious lectures. In addition, narrator Graynor makes almost no attempt to differentiate the various teen characters' voices. Only the minor character Dorothea, played as a faux witch with a gravelly New York accent, is memorable. Graynor also frequently ignores the author's explicit textual directives, such as "[Simon] came back, sounding worried" or "The tone of arrogant superiority was back in [Jace's] voice," for her performance, making this a program with an intriguing premise and cast but disappointing execution. Ages 14-up. (May)

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