Reviews for Time Paradox : Library Edition

School Library Journal Reviews 2008 December

Gr 5-8--After being gone for three years in The Lost Colony, Artemis Fowl, Book 5 (Miramax, 2006), Artemis and Holly are back. Many things have changed, including the birth of Artemis's twin toddler brothers. Soon after their reappearance, Artemis's mother contracts a deadly fairy disease and the only cure is made from the brain fluid of a lemur species that Artemis caused to become extinct almost eight years earlier. With the help of a young, but extraordinarily powerful demon that they had previously helped in Limbo, Artemis and Holly plan to go back in time and save the lemur, thereby curing Artemis's mother as well as preventing a potentially catastrophic fairy plague. What ensues is an intriguing and inventive time travel adventure. Although Artemis and Holly try desperately not to create a time paradox, they are captured by Butler and a ten-year-old Artemis who has yet to learn of fairies. Two of Artemis's fiercest foes appear in this book--and one is himself. This fantasy is filled with adventure, hilarious mishaps, tender moments, and a more mature Artemis. Enn Reitel does a good job portraying most of the characters in this novel (Hyperion, 2008) by Eoin Colfer, but he can't compare to Nathaniel Parker who narrated the previous books in the series; some listeners will be very disappointed. Purchase this title if you are already circulating the others in the series--but warn youngsters about the change in narrator.--Jessica Miller, New Britain Public Library, CT

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