Reviews for Witch of Blackbird Pond

AudioFile Reviews 2003 February/March
Into the somber, hard, emotionally deadened world of the American Puritans drops Kit--a charming, vibrant young woman from the Caribbean. Narrator Mary Beth Hurt sets the tone from the beginning, emphasizing Kit's enthusiasm, intelligence, and independent nature. Her clipped speech and sometimes breathy delivery draw a vivid picture of this lively young woman, forced to tamp down her spirit to fit into this negative, overbearing society. Hurt creates individual and clearly recognizable voices for all the characters, from Hannah's gentle, kind spirit to Matthew's solid but intimidating presence; and she skillfully develops Prudence from an obedient, fearful child without hope to a bright, caring, and courageous young girl. Speare's classic adapts well to audio, and Hurt gives it life, and hope. W.L.S. (c) AudioFile 2003, Portland, Maine