Reviews for Stuart Little

Criticas Reviews 2004 November-December
Gr 4-7-Stuart Little is a mouse born to human parents. Despite his small size, Stuart is able to integrate himself with the family, and in fact becomes indispensable to them, all the while trying to avoid the family's cat, Snowbell. While one could argue that the book has a meandering, episodic plot and a less than satisfying open ending, it's E.B. White's writing, which he does with the simplicity of a fairy tale, that has earned the book its classic status. This new Spanish translation captures that simplicity beautifully. Whenever necessary, the translator includes notes when something cannot be adequately translated, such as the opening line of the poem "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" due to its rhythmic nature. The translator also manages to capture some of the gentle poetic flow and humor of E.B. White's original prose, especially toward the end, when Stuart talks about his beloved Margalo to the telephone company repairman. Of course, White himself made the translator's job easy by creating a charming book using clear, concise writing. This classic will prove useful to collections that carry Spanish chapter books.-Tim Wadham, Maricopa County Lib. District, Phoenix, AZ Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.