Reviews for Alice in Wonderland

Library Media Connection - November/December 2007
Lisbeth Zwerger has created a beautifully illustrated retelling of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. This is the classic story of a young girl falling into a rabbit hole to find herself in a whimsical world filled with amusing characters. Zwerger's illustrations complement the classic tale with a style that is nonsensical, bringing life to the unique characters. It also has a soft, classical feel that embraces one of the most loved children's stories. Children will enjoy the illustrations of the characters, adding to the appeal of the book. The length of the story will make it difficult for younger children to engage. However, with the imaginative illustrations, the book will capture many children. This prize-winning illustrator has taken the challenge of illustrating a classic tale in the genre of a children's picture book to successfully attract readers into Alice's adventures. Recommended. Cindy Walker, Librarian, Moore Elementary, Houston, Texas © 2007 Linworth Publishing, Inc.