Reviews for Julian Rodriguez : Crisis De Basura En La Tierra/ Trash Crisis On Earth

Criticas Reviews 2008 July 15th
Gr 3-4-Inspired by Shel Silverstien's Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout Would Not Take the Trash Out, Stadler tells the story of an incredibly imaginative eight-year-old named Julián Rodríguez. The boy sees himself as a very important space warrior sent to Earth to study humans and their bizarre habits--he hates their disgusting diet of orange sticks called carrots, flavorless liquid called water, popcorn and, most of all, the vegi-dogs. In school, he spends the whole day taking the mandated yearly state tests. He finds school boring, but the worst is yet to come. When returning home, the "Maternal Unit" assigns him the hideous task of taking out the trash. Julian decides to watch cartoons instead and gets sent to his room for disobeying. The boy contacts the "Mothership" to complain but, after getting no help, he finally resolves to do his chores. Stadler's graphic novel uses simple, cartoonlike illustrations to develop the storyline. Recommended for elementary and public libraries. Copyright 2008 Reed Business Information.