Reviews for Digestive System

Library Media Connection Reviews 2008 October
Following the same format, each title begins with two questions, directing students to read and discover the one question that is false. There is a good mix of color photos, diagrams, and charts. Vocabulary in the human body titles might pose difficulties for the youngest readers. Titles dealing with systems of the human body follow the format of explaining how that system works, diseases that may affect it, and what a person should do to stay healthy. The books dealing with food focus on how food keeps us healthy. All titles reflect the most current trends in health. Food Safety deals with causes of food poisoning and ways to prevent it, laying a strong foundation for student understanding of the importance of food safety. As more children see their peers using epi-pens and wearing medic alert bracelets, Food Allergies is helpful in explaining their importance in a manner that fosters understanding. The title on food pyramids reflects many different models used around the globe. Glossary. Web sites. Index. Recommended. Susan Boatwright, Teacher-Librarian, Prairie Crest Elementary, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Encyclopedia of American Literature, Revised Edition. 2008. 4v. $375 hc. Facts on File (Infobase Publishing). 978-0-8160-6476-2. Grades 9-12 ¬ 2006 Linworth Publishing, Inc.